Choosing Real Joy

Monday, June 6, 2016
This is me: comfy clothes, smeared makeup, and that famous "horse laugh" of mine. You wanna know why i'm happy? It's not because i went online and seen how many likes my latest picture got, because i gained new followers, or because my perfectly squared photos flowed together so flawlessly that i convinced you all that my life was perfect. That's not it at all.
I'm happy because i'm sitting here, with my family, telling stories and cracking jokes. Talking about the smallest and ridiculously stupid things that wouldn't even matter to anyone else, but to me they're gold.
So many times we get caught up in the social media world. We forego long term joy for a fleeting feeling. We update our wardrobes, redecorate our homes, buy new and pretty things and then turn to social media to fool others-and ourselves- into thinking that we have found joy. But in reality, all we have really done is create a world of comparison. Comparison to others, comparison of our "ideal' lives with the lives we are actually living. It doesn't create joy, it robs you of it.
I've come to realize that real joy is so much more than a fleeting feeling, it's a choice we make everyday. Its found in the little things, the real things. It's found in the nights you spend reading a good book, laughing with your friends until your stomach hurts, telling stories, helping others, deep conversations at 3 a.m. It's found right now, as i put my phone down, throw my head back and laugh as i choose to live fully in this moment. Joy is a choice.
I challenge you to put your phone down, to stop comparing, and to choose to live for more than a quickly attainable fleeting feeling. 

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