Vintage Inspired Outfit

Thursday, November 3, 2016
 Hey ya'll! Today I wanted to share this cute vintage inspired outfit with you guys. I picked up this dress a while back from Old Navy but it's still hot enough to wear it here in the South considering it's still 80 degrees outside! These shoes are from Forever21 and they only cost $15.00.
 This is actually the first time I am getting to use my new camera lens and I am in love with how the pictures turned out, and photo creds to my little brother for his mad photography skills. 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Really love the pictures!!! The outfit is so cute. Definitely something I'd wear!

  2. Cute outfit. I wished I could see your pics a little better. Is this my browser? Maybe its time for a new Theme? If you use Wordpress - do not hesitate and ask me. Maybe I have a good advice for you. I wish you a great weekend. Marion

  3. I have actually been having trouble, the quality of my pictures goes down when I upload them. But I figured out the problem and my next posts should be just fine. Thanks though! Have a good one.