Monday, November 13, 2017

5 YouTube Channels For Christian Women

1. Kristin Johns
 Kristin has got to be one of the sweetest souls on YouTube. She's so genuine and her style is perfection! On her channel she shares her fashion and beauty favorites, along with super fun vlogs with her husband Marcus, and her cute golden retrievers. She's an awesome role model for young girls and so real and relatable. You can check out her channel here! 

2. Katie Gregorie 
Katie takes a different approach to YouTube. She doesn't talk much about makeup and fashion, but about the real issues with the world and the stereotypes that go along with Christianity. Her videos are hilarious but convicting, and her Canadian accent is super cute. Go check out her channel!

3. Girl Defined 
Kristen and Bethany from Girl Defined ministries are huge difference makers. Not only have they wrote an amazing book, their YouTube channel has been a huge help to me and ladies around the world. They talk about real issues that the Christian woman goes through, with biblical advice to help you through and help you know that you are not alone. These women are jewels and you won't regret taking a look at their channel!

4. Heather Lindsey 
Heather has helped me grow in my spiritual walk more than I can explain! Her video "When God chooses you and sets you apart" was what first caught my interest and I have watched almost every discussion and Bible study of hers since then. She has a way of revealing the real issues of your heart and inspiring and challenging women around the world to stand up and stand out. I highly recommend subscribing to her channel and check out her website, The Pinky Promise Movement ,  to download study guides and buy her books as well! 

5. Cambria Joy 
Cambria Joy is full or joy and dedication on her lifestyle and fitness channel! She is passionate about not only feeding your body with healthy foods, but feeding your soul with the word of God. She makes videos about her fitness journey, workout ideas, healthy recipes, along with vlogs of her everyday life with her husband Bo in their home state of California. You can check out her channel here!

Sometimes it's hard to find good & inspiring people and things to watch, I have struggled with it myself. I have found that sometimes you need to turn off the TV and find real people, talking about real life situations and issues that you can relate to. I hope that you found this post helpful and let me know if you check any of these channels out! 
God bless! 


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