My Skin Care Routine (Acne-Prone Skin)

Saturday, December 16, 2017
 My obsession with skin care started with I developed acne at age 13. Since then I have tried almost every cleanser and face masque you can sell at the drugstore, hoping I would find something that would finally clear my skin. Around the age of 16 I developed cystic acne that I still struggle with from time to time.
After years of experimentation with skin care products, personal experience with acne medications and a small education in skin care, I have learned that great skin starts with a good and thorough skin care routine. This is my night time skin care routine:

1. Remove Makeup 
One of the most important parts of my skin care routine is to make sure I remove all the dirt, oil, and makeup that accumulated throughout the day. Failure to do so will cause clogged pores! I like to use the Equate brand make-up wipes, they are super affordable and my favorite ones I have tried so far! 

2. Cleanse 
I have tried every cleanser in the book. What I have come to realize is that you don't need something super harsh to keep your skin looking clear- but the exact opposite. I like using a gentle cleanser with a little bit of salicylic acid to medicate my current acne spots. This one from dermologica has been my favorite for months now! 

3. Exfoliate 
Exfoliating is so important if you want to help with the texture of your skin. Exfoliating washes away all of those dead skin cells and keeps your skin looking and feeling smooth. I like to use this apricot scrub, it's super gentle and gets the job done! Just remember not to over do it, this step could be done 2-4 times a week to keep from damaging your skin! 

4. Tone 
It's important to tone your skin to bring your skin back to it's natural PH level. This one from Pixi by Petra was a little bit pricey but worth every penny! It has helped my skin so much with redness and texture. 

5. Mask 
My favorite part of my skin care routine - and I'm sure it's yours too - is wearing a face mask! I personally wear one almost every night, which is not preferred by most people, but they help my skin so much. I have tried tons of masks and I also seem to go back to this one. It's super affordable-around $4.00 - and it draws out my impurities and keeps my skin feeling fresh. 

6. Moisturize 
I personally have very oily skin, so it took me years to understand the importance of moisturizing. I always thought that it would add extra oiliness to my skin - but that's so wrong! Your skin needs moisture. If you don't keep it properly moisturized, your skin will produce more oil to create the moisture it needs. Which in return causes more breakouts. This moisturizer from Aveeno has salicylic acid and it has been amazing for my skin. I highly recommend it for anyone with oily, acne prone skin! 


- Drink lots of water! What we put in our bodies will show on the outside. A hydrated and healthy body will show hydrated and healthy skin. 
-Get enough "beauty rest"! Even our skin needs rest to look fresh and rejuvenated. 
-Use a SPF throughout the day. Keep your skin from the damage of the sun! 

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