How I Maintain Healthy Blonde Hair

Monday, August 27, 2018

I have been blonde since I was a freshman in high school with a $7.00 box of "bleach your hair at home kit" from Walmart. Since then I have obviously learned how to take better care of my hair and leave it to the pros, but I still struggle from damage that I try to keep under control. 
The old saying "beauty is pain" really is true! The things I put my hair through just to have a bright blonde still blows my mind. But with the help of these products, I keep it pretty healthy and looking shiny and under control! 

I highly recommend a purple shampoo for every blonde (even  those that only have blonde highlights). The shampoo works to tone out the brassy and orangey tones in your hair. Using a purple shampoo also makes your color last longer which means fewer trips to the salon! 
I like to change my shampoos often, but my favorite right now is the Blonde Sexy Hair. 

After I shampoo I like to follow up with a really hydrating conditioner. This one from Joico is great because it's full of moisture and really recovers my dry hair. 

After my shower I always like to use a leave-in-conditioner. This one from Pravana is actually made for blondes and not only works as a leave in conditioner, but as a toner as well! I LOVE this stuff!

You can't forget about heat protectant! Using a heat protectant before thermally styling your hair is a must if you want to keep your hair healthy. My favorite at the moment is this thermal spray from CHI. But if you're looking for a more affordable option, Tresemme has a really good one as well! 

To keep my hair looking shiny and brass free, I tone it every 4-6  weeks. I am a Cosmetologist so I do this myself. Most people get this done at the salon but it's super simple. Would anyone be interested in a blog post on how I tone at home?

Thanks for reading! If you're a blonde like me, what's your favorite products you use to maintain your blonde? 


  1. Your hair is stunning! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Xoxo, Ashley /

  2. Love your hair. I'd definitely be interested in post about toning at home. Thanks!