Striped OOTD + Thrifting Tips

Friday, August 24, 2018

You can't go wrong with a classic black & white striped dress! I recently found this one at a local Bargain Hunt and I fell in love. Maybe because it was so cute but even more so because I got it for such a good price. Does anyone else like to shop for discounted clothes? Thrifting and shopping at discount stores are one of my favorite past times ever since I was a young girl. 

Here's my tips on finding your best deal at a thrift/discounted bargain store:

1. Imagine thrifiting as a treasure hunt. The best gems aren't usually easily found but so worth it in the end! 
2. Take your time. Look through every piece and imagine how you could style it. Sometimes pieces can look strange or outdated but if it's paired with the right thing, it could be super cute. 
3. Don't be afraid to try new things! In my opinion, thrifting gives a good chance to try new things and new styles because there is such a low risk. The clothes are insanely affordable so if something doesn't work, it's not that big of a deal. 

I have found some of my favorite staple pieces at thrift stores and discounted stores and they didn't break the bank. I highly recommend trying it for yourself and I would love to see what treasures you find! 

Much love! 
xoxo, Kristen Rose 

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