Ugly Location Photo Shoot Challenge + How To Get Cute Instagram Pictures

Monday, August 13, 2018
Hey everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. This weekend me and my boyfriend decided to try something fun and do the ugly location photoshoot challenge. I know this trend is kind of outdated but I seen it floating around the internet for so long and finally decided to do it! 

All of these photos were actually taken by my boyfriend on my iphone 8 plus. That proves that you don't have to be a professional with an expensive camera to get cute photos for your instagram. 
I'm going to share 3 places we went to, my ratings on each place, and my favorite photos. I hope you enjoy!

The first place we went was World Market. I personally looooove World Market because it's so "aesthetically pleasing" and everything there is my style. We ended up not getting all of the pictures we wanted because it was SO CROWDED. We went on a Sunday afternoon and there were people in every corner. I finally snapped this photo of me with the pillow wall and I actually love it. I think it's so fun and unique and gives a ton on texture and color to my Instagram feed. 
I would rate 8/10.

Next, we went next door to Michaels. I think the "Michaels challenge" is what started it all because people started taking pictures in the floral section! It's actually a great idea because the floral section there is incredibly beautiful. These pictures were probably my least favorite because you can still tell that I'm just standing in a store (haha), but I still really liked them! Here's a few of my favorites. 
I would rate these 7/10

The last place we went was Target. First I picked up a drink in the Starbucks (the shaken iced tea infusion, strawberry green tea) and headed for the makeup section because I love the lighting of that section! It was super cute and I think these photos turned out nice.
I would rate these 8/10

Next in Target we went to the cereal isle. I have seen a lot of people posing in front of this isle and thought it was adorable! I stood in front of my favorite (cinnamon toast crunch) and posed with my drink! 
I actually tried taking one where I was sitting holding a box of cheerios but didn't like how it turned out! I also heard an older couple walk by in complete confusion as to why I was sitting on the floor holding a box of cheerios. It's crazy what we will do for the gram! 
Overall I loved the cereal pics and would rate them 9/10

What were your favorite pictures?
Do you feel like you have to have high quality cameras and unique locations to have good photos? 

I would love to do this challenge again sometime. 
Where would you like to see me take pictures? 


  1. Great challenge, sounds like a lot of fun, your pictures are so nice :)

  2. I love the one in front of the cereal boxes!!

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