Buying my whole Fall wardrobe under $250 (how I did it)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hey ya'll! With Fall starting and all the new Fall clothes surrounding me every where I go, it's hard not to splurge and buy all the new & cute things. Just last weekend I was in the mall but I quickly got discouraged. Paying $100 for just one outfit was out of my price range! And honestly, kind of ridiculous. It doesn't have to cost "an arm and a leg" to have cute, trendy, name brand outfits. 
So today I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how I built my Fall wardrobe from scratch with less than $250!


Before I even start shopping, I like to make a list of practical items that I need and want. I like to pick out basics such as: high waisted jeans, overalls, denim skirt, and leggings. Then I go through and make a list of tops that I can mix and match with all of my basics. One thing I have learned through out the years is that MIXING AND MATCHING IS KEY to having a good wardrobe with lots of options. 
Then of course I like to throw in a few dresses onto my list because dresses are my absolute fave!
Then I list 1-2 pairs of shoes, and accessories that I have had my eye on. 


This option might not be everyone's "cup of tea". If not, that's totally ok! But I personally have found some of my very favorite items at the thrift store. I recently found out that I have a local Goodwill Outlet, and I go there pretty often to see what they have. They sell their clothing for $.99 a pound and I have found some amazing, name brand items for practically free! This is one of my favorite ways to find things on my list, and I recommend trying it out to everyone. Just don't be afraid to get dirty looking through those Goodwill bins!
Another place I like to shop is Bargain Hunt. Everything there is brand new and super discounted! I went in one day and got very lucky with Fall and Winter clothes. They were running a sale where all of the "yellow tag" merchandise was $3.00 and I got almost all of my sweaters from there! I even found the most adorable pair of cheetah print flats and knee high boots at an insanely low price. A lot of what they have comes from Target so it was like shopping at a Target discount shop. I highly recommend checking it out if you have one near you! 
This sweater and these boots are two of my bargain hunt finds.


I don't shop on Poshmark super often, but I like to look on there if I have something specific in mind. I was scrolling through the Patagonia brand on there and I came across this blue sweatshirt for only $22! I immediately bought it and it was one of the best deals I have found. I was planning on buying a brand new one, but shopping on Poshmark saved me around $100.


The next places I head to are discounted shops such as nordstrom rack, tj maxx, and marshalls. All of these stores sell name brand clothing for discounted prices. They also sell off brand "boutique" style clothing that I personally am obsessed with. I like to find a lot of my basics at these shops and I always leave with a great deal! 


I know what you're thinking. Walmart? For clothes? When a lot of people think of Wal-mart clothes, they think of tacky t-shirts, their granny, and their poor childhood. Just me?  Oh Ok. 
What I'm trying to say is that I've been there, and I have thought what you're thinking! But hear me out. 
Walmart has recently got a fairly new brand called "Time & True" that is surprisingly very cute, good quality, and affordable. I actually have a hard time resisting the clothes section every time I walk by. Shocking, right? 
I found cute tops for around $13 a piece, and their jewelry ranges from $3-10. 
They honestly have my favorite leggings and they're only $12, and their headbands fit me perfectly and they were only $3. 
Of course walmart still has tacky t-shirts and granny clothes, but finding the right pieces make great additions to any wardrobe. 
This sweatshirt, along with these leggings and shoes are from there!


The last place I looked for clothes to complete my wardrobe was online boutiques. I don't normally lean toward online boutiques for basics because I feel like I can get cheaper basics at other places. I like shopping at online boutiques for dresses and unique, trendy pieces. 

I hope you found this blog post helpful! I will be posting more videos/ pictures on how to style these items and more through out the next 2 months. 
What's your favorite way to save money when buying clothes? I would love to know! 

Kristen Rose 

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