How Estate Auctions Can Help Sell Unwanted Items

Monday, November 5, 2018
Have you started going through your home and realizing you’ve accumulated more junk than needed? How are you able to get rid of all of it? Should you have a garage sale? Invite a few friends over to rummage through the loot? A great idea to help you get rid of items you don’t want anymore, and quickly and efficiently too, is have and estate sale! In today’s estate auctions, you generally are able to pick among reliable and fast companies to help you out! Depending on how many items you have, the type and your time and money constraints, you can generally find an auction process that can help you with two out of the tree. But how do you know which auction is the right one for you?

The best way depends on what you have to sell you ask? Find out with these 3 ideas below.
Image: Peachtree and Bennett
Online - Some online auction companies work by taking your items to their warehouse, listing it for sale and then paying you a percentage of the proceeds. If you are wanting
to get rid of things quickly, this option is quick, easy but also expensive. Your items are out in the door in the flash, you don’t have to show or store them anywhere and you don’t have to manage the sales process. However, auction companies may only take high-value items to sell such as you may empty the rest of the home yourself, and may have a minimum project size. They could charge as much as 50% of the sale price in feeds and it may take several months before you receive a check in the mail

Have An Estate Sale At Your Home - There are also companies that can manage an estate sale at your home. An auction company will list the items online, manage the sale process and staff your house the day of your auction. If you are needing your home empty soon and making your items convert to cash on the spot, this option is easy and cheap because you can sell nearly everything and earn more money in relation to the auction company fees. People will purchase almost anything and everything from your list! By the end of the sale, you are likely to have a fairly empty home and then you can schedule a donation company or trash serve to help clear out the rest. The bad side of this is that Estate sales can take weeks or months to stage, promote. You might not earn your money back or enough to help with the time and energy, plus the craziness of having people go through your home on sale day. This is really best for people with little to no holding expense on a home and lots of household items that you don't necessarily have high value for specific people.
Consignment Auction - some auction companies accept items on consignment. This means you can load up a truck and carry your sale items to the auction company to be evaluated on the spot which is either rejected for later sale or accepted. This is a perfect idea for those needing to clear items out of their house and you think they actually have some true value, this option is easy but does come at a hefty price. Some ocmpanies could reject up to half of your items and they may charge up to 50% of the sale price in feeds for the items they do sell. Whatever they don’t take, you need to figure out yourself how to get rid of them.
So how do auctions take place? An auction company comes to work wth families to sort everything in their home, decide what to keep, sell, discard or donate. Then they pack up everything and get where it needs to go, including to the auction company. They can even empty an entire home within a day, plus cart away all the trash. This is perfect for a grieving person with little time, a busy or stressed individual or someone who may feels overwhelmed by a house full of their things. Working with an auction company can help the process of emptying your home and can be customized by your specific needs.
Think your interested in looking more into this? I have the perfect company for you! Peachtree & Bennett is nationally regarded as Atlanta’s premier estate liquidator. With over 45 years of experience in the estate sales area, we routinely sell large estates in regions extending throughout the East Coast & Mid-Atlantic States. They have been entrusted with the sale of many important estates in prestigious areas such as Buckhead in Atlanta; Sarasota, FL; Talladega, AL; Aiken, SC, and Manhattan, NY, among many others. The estate sales process for them begins with an onsite consultation, where their experienced appraisers will evaluate the property and collections to determine the current market value, your individual needs and personal requirements regarding the distribution, and which of our many selling platforms is most appropriate for the merchandise. Every sale is different and unique and we customize our services accordingly. They do not believe in a flat format to meet every need, which is why their hands-on individualized attention to each seller and consignor has been so successful. You know that you can trust the people at Peachtree and Bennett to give you their honest opinion and help you reach your items full potential.

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