4 Home Updates to Consider in 2019

Thursday, January 17, 2019
Do you want to sell your home in 2019 or 2020? Or, maybe you want to improve your house yourself, which is always a smart idea. Either way, updating your home takes a lot of thought and it can be hard to navigate the ins and outs of home updates yourself. That's why today, I am coming at you with 4 updates to consider in 2019. Not only will these updates improve your home and make it a better living situation for yourself, but it will also make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future. Let's dive in!

Build an outdoor space.
Building an outdoor space will not only be great for resale value, but it will also give you a place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. More and more, we are learning that the insides of our homes are pretty toxic, so people are trying to spend more time outside. You could build a pergula, or a deck, look into luxury grills, heaters, and furniture, as well. Once it is all finished, I think you will be so thrilled that you invested in your outdoor space.
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Add New Paint.
Paint can make a room feel like new again, no matter how old the home is. If you are looking for a relatively quick and easy fix, paint is the way to go. The great thing about paint is that it's not too expensive and I bet you have some great paint colors stored in your garage, so it might not even be a financial investment. Go light and bright with your paint and then you can add pops of color throughout the room with furniture and art work.

Install a new HVAC system.
If you are trying to sell your home in the next few years, I highly recommend focusing on the big projects such as your roof and your HVAC system. Why? Buyers are nervous about investing in a home when big things can go wrong. Personally, unless I got a really great deal, I would most likekly not purchase a home with a 20+ year old HVAC system because I know that it is unfortunately almost guaranteed for it to go out on me and I do not want to risk it after such a big purchase. That is why all homeowners need to make sure they are fixing issues as they arise and are also trying to prevent future problems, as well.

Real Simple says "The front of your house is the first thing people see, so it makes sense that any improvements - to planting petunias to surrounding your home with a hedge - will be worth your while. "Don't be afraid to spend money on perennials, which come back year after year", says Yip. As for big ticket investments, like trees, they aren't just nice to look at; they also starve off erosion, black storm water run off, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and filter groundwater pollutants. They might make your home sell for more money, too. The arbor Day foundation estimates a six-to eight-foot Colorado blue spruce or live oak (both are commonly found all over the United States) may grow one to two feet a year. And properties with gorgeous, established trees are even more attractive to potential home buyers down the road. When determining which areas of your yard to attend to first, try approaching your house from the curb to the front door. "Buyers will make their decision in exactly eight seconds.", says Barbara Corcoran, founder of Corcoran group, a Manhattan real estate firm. "After that, they've either fallen in love or just honoring an appointment."

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