4 Things Everyone Should Learn

Tuesday, February 19, 2019
There are quintessential skills that everyone should know, no matter who you are, or what situations you are normally in. Every parent should teach their children not only basic life skills, but also survival, wilderness skills, as well as other skills that will help them perform well in everyday life with friends, at work, and at home. I could go on and on with 100+ skills (or things that people should learn) because there really are so many things that every single person should know, but I want to highlight a few very important skill sets that you should have to function in everyday life and maybe save yourself or someone else, as well. 
Not all of these are for life or death situations. I truly believe that to live a full happy life, you need to be able to succeed in all aspects. So, this means that you have to learn not only basic life and survival skills, but social skills, as well. Today, I want to highlight a few of these ‘skills’ that everyone needs to learn. 

How to change a tire 
Let’s start off with a basic life skill - how to change a tire. I think the best way that I can explain why knowing how to change a tire is important is by giving you an example. About 6 months ago or so, my friend was driving early in the morning when it was still dark out and hit a pothole. The pothole was so deep that her tire basically split in half (very unfortunate). She was driving to work, but since her tire went immediately flat, she was stuck on the side of the road at the very start of rush hour in Atlanta (a nightmare!) because she did not know how to change a tire. In fact, she did not only not know how to change a tire, but she did not know what to do if she couldn’t change a tire, so she called her husband to help.  
Ladies (and gentlemen) - please know what to do if you end up with a flat tire! First of all, make sure you have a spare in your car. A lot of cars are not adding them anymore, so know what you have to work with before you run into this situation. Then, actually know how to change a tire, or at least know what to do and who to call (like a towing service!) if you don’t have a spare, or if you don’t know how to change a tire yourself. I honestly think that this is a very important basic life skill. 

How to cook a basic meal 
Another very important basic life skill is to know how to cook a basic meal. Nutrition Studies says, “Teaching your kids to cook helps them develop highly transferable skills, from how to do basic math (used for measuring ingredients) to how to see a project through from beginning to end. It teaches them patience, because cooking has its own timeline and can’t be rushed—trying to do so usually ends in a less-than-desirable (and sometimes less-than-edible) result. Teaching kids to cook even teaches them the value of money, since cooking at home is far less expensive than eating out. Buying processed foods at the supermarket is more expensive than buying food you prepare at home, too—and usually not as healthy. 

But most importantly, cooking with your kids is a great opportunity to talk about health and the difference between the standard American diet and a whole foods, plant-based diet. You can talk about the difference between healthy and unhealthy ingredients and between healthy and unhealthy cooking techniques. You can have conversations about why you don’t use oil or why you use whole wheat flour instead of white flour. When you take them shopping with you for ingredients, you can show them how to read product labels, so they know the difference between real food and junk food. 
Kids who cook become adults who cook and eat healthier than those who don’t. Cooking plant-based meals with your kids not only brings your family together, but it can also give them the gift of a lifetime of health and well-being.” 
Not only will teaching your kids to cook help them with basic skills such as math and nutrition, but it will also help them survive once they get to college and beyond!  
How to play pool 
To change directions on you, let’s go from a basic life skill to a social skill. Like I mentioned originally, in order to have a well balanced life, you have to be skilled in all aspects of life. This means that your social skills are extremely important because you will not be living up to your full potential without great friends in your life. There are many ways that you can work on your social skills like making friends at an early age, learning how to properly communicate (which is so very important!), and by learning how to do group activities such as games, sports, etc.  

For example, you are bound to run into a group of people or a situation where everyone will be playing pool. Do you want to sit out and not participate in the group activity, or do you want to get involved and have fun? I know that throughout my days in college, pool was a constant in the lives of the people around me. Those that did not know how to play were mostly left out and those that were really good at it got included constantly. That’s why I think as a parent, teaching social activities and games, such as pool, or golf, or whatever you think is important is a great thing to do for your children.  
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How to defend yourself 
Last but not least, I want to talk about defending yourself. You never know when you might need to defend yourself, or someone else, so this skill set should always be in your back pocket. Parents - I highly recommend teaching your kids self defense skills at a young age. Maybe start out with a fun way to include it in their everyday life, so that it does not scare them. Boxing, martial arts, and other fun sports are not only great ways to learn self defense, but it will also help them exercise and get their energy out. 

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