8 Facts About Me

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

 I just want to take a moment and say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shown my new boutique, Rosie Meadow, support. It has been so encouraging hearing the positive feedback from friends, family, and even strangers!

 I thought I would share a few facts about me in case you are new here and don't know me very well!

1. I graduated college with a degree in Business Management and a diploma in Cosmetology. My original plan was to be a hairstylist and someday own my own salon. I loved Cosmo school but quickly realized that the salon life wasn't for me. I now run my blog and own a little online boutique in hopes of expanding it to a brick and mortar store in the near future!
2. I have been happily dating my boyfriend Matt for about two years now. He's my very best friend and my biggest supporter.
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with Taco Bell. Seriously, its a problem.
4. Thrift shops hold a special place in my heart and I could spend hours looking for hidden treasures. Most of my home decor and a lot of my outfits come from thrift stores. No shame!
5. I named my boutique after my name, my grandmother's name + my love for flowers. If you have been following me for a while, you can probably tell how much I love floral. My grandmother's name is Rosie, my middle name is Rose, and the name Rosie Meadow stuck with me for so long until I finally decided to stick with it!
6. Making my social media profiles public and sharing a lot of my life online is actually something that doesn't come easy for me. I am a naturally shy and reserved person so being so open to people I don't know very well has been a challenge. But the relationships I have built and continue to build have been SO worth it!
7. I'm an INFJ on the Myers & Briggs personality test (if you're into that).
8. I have a huge Tom Boy side. I love being outdoors, riding bikes, going on hikes, and most of the time I'm wearing a baseball cap.

What's a fun fact about you? I would love to hear in the comments!

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