4 Ways To Get Ready For Fall

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Holy cow - is it already the end of summer? I cannot believe it! Before we know it, the weather will start cooling down and the leaves will begin to fall off of the trees. Then, all of the fall activities like pumpkin patches, apple picking, and bonfires will start popping up around town. If you are anything like me, then you love fall, but with each season change comes a lot of work. Here are a few ways to get ready for fall: 
Your Wardrobe 
If you store your seasonal clothing away, it is time to get them out, give them a good wash, and start putting them away. One thing I do recommend doing before you fully put them away is to make sure you weed out the clothes that you will not wear. You know the ones that I’m talking about - the pants that have not fit since high school, or the shirt that shrunk two sizes in the dryer. Donate them, sell them, or give them away because you do not need these taking up space in your closet. 

Your Decor 
Now, getting out new decor is one of my favorite things about a season change! When it comes to fall specifically, it is my favorite because the decor just seems so cozy and inviting. Fall decor makes me feel like my house is cozier, more inviting, and honestly, warmer (which is needed in the colder months, anyway). If you are slacking on your fall decor pieces, head over to Home Goods - they already have fall items out on their shelves (crazy, right?).  

Your Home’s Exterior 
One aspect of fall that you have to prepare for is all of the leaves falling off the trees, like I mentioned above. This will lead to clogged gutters and you cannot forget about the sap that comes down along with those leaves, staining your driveway and/or house. If this sounds like an issue you have each fall, you might want to contact Peach State Pressure Wash! Peach State Pressure Wash is an Atlanta-based company providing services such as: gutter cleaning, window washing, fence & deck restoration, fleet washing, fence & deck staining, concrete restoration, and other home and driveway services. The owner of Peach State Pressure Wash, David, originally launched Peach State with a few thousand dollars and just one pressure washer. David is a Veteran of the U.S. Army and lives in Druid Hills. David also made it his mission to have the company involved in the community, as much as possible. Their website says, “Our mission is to make your life a little easier and the world a little better. Given this mission, we are dedicated to being involved in our community. We are also committed to reinvesting in our community through partnerships, charitable giving and employment. For example, we have completed reduce-fee work for a local church that does significant work around homelessness and food deserts. We also enjoy participating in neighborhood events from neighborhood chili cook offs to festivals. This gives us a chance to get to know you and the communities we live, work and play in.” 
This Veteran-owned, Atlanta-based pressure washing company serves the Intown and Metro-Atlanta area for both residential and commercial customers. They are dedicated to high-quality and consistent service and they pay attention to every single detail so that you do not have to. Check their services out today! 

Your Meal Plan 
Last but not least, I am sure that your meal plan could use a little renovation. Now is the perfect time to make some freezer meals to get ready for the cooler weather, when you are not going to want to go to the grocery store every few days. Grab some frozen fall veggies, start making broths and soups to have on-hand just in case you get sick, and start thinking about warmer meals that you are going to want to make. 

There you go - 4 ways to get ready for fall! What are your favorite ways to get ready for a season change? 

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