How I Package My Online Boutique Orders

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

When I started my online boutique a few months ago, I knew that packaging was important to me. To me, it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars to make every package special. There's nothing like opening a package knowing that there was time, care, and thought put into it!
I know there are many of you that follow me that own online businesses or are wanting to learn more information about opening one. I will have a post up soon about the steps it takes and tips on getting started, but today I wanted to share where I get my shipping supplies and how I package my orders!

To start off, I like to wrap every package in tissue paper. I usually double up and use two pieces and fold the item in the paper. The type of tissue paper I use varies, it just depends on what I have at the moment. I don't have a specific place I buy tissue paper. I found a few huge packs of white on sale around Christmas time last year and I have been using a lot of that! I also like to stay on the lookout to see if any cute floral patterns go on sale.

After wrapping the items in tissue paper, I like to include a business card and a coupon. The business card lets them know where to find Rosie Meadow on social media, and the coupon is a great way to keep customers coming back.

To ship my items, I love using a cute polymailer. Using these makes your order stand out and it's so fun to receive such a cute package. It's different than your average white mailer and they are a priority to have for my store. 
I have been trying out these super cute ones from Shipping Hip and they are AMAZING. If you are an online business owner, I highly recommend checking them out. Their items are so fun and affordable, and they offer free shipping on every order!

After my item is all packaged up, it's time to weigh it and print a shipping label. I bought a small scale on Amazon for around $12 and it works great.

Once I have the weight, I go to my online store to make a shipping label. I add the weight and it calculates a shipping cost for me! I then simply just buy the label, print it off, and I'm done!

I hope you found this useful and got some insight into what goes into each package at Rosie Meadow. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and would like more boutique related posts in the future!

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