The Importance Of Giving Back + Vintage Collection at Rosie Meadow

Monday, September 9, 2019

We didn't have a ton of money growing up - we didn't struggle as much as many others do, but often times we found ourselves at thrift stores scanning the racks to find good deals. Even though we were kind of doing it as a last resort, I always enjoyed it. I loved the feeling of finally finding something I loved after looking through countless racks and pieces.

I love thrift shops and I always have, they help so many people and they are honestly just fun! I have found a majority of my clothing from thrift shops and always get so many compliments on them. But thrift shops would not exist without donations. Now that I'm older, I see the importance of giving back. I have so many clothes that just sit in my closet that I need to get rid of. Clothes that would help other people and bring a smile to their face!

I thought it would be an awesome idea to do a campaign at Rosie Meadow (my online boutique) about giving back. We now offer a section of slightly used vintage clothing. Every item is purchased at a second hand shop, and packaged with vintage wrapping paper. Half of the proceeds will go to a local charity to help those in need!

As part of this campaign - I want to challenge YOU. I challenge you to gather a few pieces of clothing from your closet, take them to your nearest donation center, and DONATE to those in need! I guarantee that there are people struggling in your community that would love to have the clothes that hang in your closet without even being touched.

I want to see you giving back!! Post a photo of you giving back by donating some old clothes, tag @rosiemeadowboutique, to receive a $10 credit!

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