7 Tips To Transition Your Patio For Fall

Monday, August 3, 2020
Ready or not, fall is slowly approaching. Believe me, when I say this summer wasn't what we were thinking it would be but with the promise of cooler weather and days of sunshine and BBQ's slowy fading, it's time to bring out the fall decor for our patio. I for one am really excited about all the fall colors that bring a cozy touch to any outdoor space and can't wait to get started! With a few easy and budget-friendly updates, your porch can be ready within just a few hours! Below are a few decor items that can take your summer patio to fall with just a few things.

1. Pops of Color - Fall has an assortment of bold colors to add to your patio. Adding these pops of warmer hues and coordinating it with fall essentials such as orange and deep red patterns can bring all your fall decor. You can also add a few brown, chesnut, or lighter reds of pumpkins and apples to add some other pops as well.

2. Bring Out The Classics - Many of us want to shy away from the classic shades of orange but it's still a top contender to use throughout the porch. Add some of these various shades and pair it with green to balance out the orange. Keep it chic with similar shades of orange that look and feel a bit more modern.

3. Soft Lighting - With the weather becoming cooler, the sun tends to go down earlier which means bringing the light back into the patio to ensure you want to spend more time outdoors. You can bring in candle chandeliers as an alternative to lighting which brings a cozy feel but also keeps the space warm and inviting. You might want to pair string lights with a classic patio decor idea as well.

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot

4. Fix The Deck - If you've used your deck all summer long, you want to make sure that everything is ready for the fall. If you thought that you needed boards replaced because it wasn't durable enough, a way to fix that is using a popular one from Brazilian Wood Depot . This sustainable purpleheart decking is one that many homeowners use because of its gorgeous purple hues, its extremely dense and hardwood which also lends to its longevity, resistance to insect attacks, rot, fire, decay, and mold. This will be a hardwood deck you'll be happy to have year after year, especially when you use it the most during the spring, summer, and fall months.

5. Fireplace - No matter how warm or chilly it might get during the fall months, having some sort of fireplace is always a great idea, especially if  you have a large patio area. Patios make the perfect excuse to add a fireplace despite if you want an electric one or a traditional brick fireplace to bring cozy to the next level. It's also a great excuse to have a few friends over, enjoy s'mores, and the company of others.

6. Rugs - If your patio is a cement patio, you'll want to add some comfort for those who walk on it. Adding some soft outdoor rugs to not only add support but also a pop of color is a great idea. There are several designs, patterns, and colors to choose from so find one that will complement the space and not overwhelm it. You can use the rug under patio furniture, long kitchen tables, or as a welcome mat for people to use to go in and out of the home.

7. Perfectly Plaid - When you think of fall, most think of colors but also plaid. It might be essential but it brings a very welcome and cozy approach to wear or decorate with. It only makes sense to pair it with any bits that you already have. If you don't want to add plaid, you can throw it on a few pillows. Throw pillows are great because you can interchange them multiple times a year depending on how you prefer to decorate. You can add them to your porch  seating for a touch that comes to life with your patterns and pillows.

If you don't already have a setup outdoors with furniture than it's time to bring a fun upholstered touch to it. You could consider grabbing a picnic table and pairing it with an upholstered seat for a touch of glamour for the patio. It also deserves to be a part of your decor even if it seems a bit too chilly to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sunsets with friends. What are some ideas you are going to bring some fall to your patio space? Share in the comments below!

SHEIN Haul for a size Large/X-Large

Thursday, July 16, 2020

I have heard great things about SHEIN and I wanted to see what all the hype was about! They have super trendy clothes that are insanely affordable. I have a beach trip coming up and wanted to get a few pieces to wear while I'm there! I wasn't expecting insanely good quality, but I was honestly surprised at how well made some of the items were. In today's post, I am going to give my opinion of the items I purchased and rate them 1-10. 

I was excited about this skirt because I thought it would make a super cute beach coverup. I was surprised at how good the quality was - considering it was only $9. I will totally be wearing this as a beach coverup and I also loved the way it paired with this top!
Price: $9
Size: Large
Rate: 10/10

A Positive Mindset Is Everything

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

A positive mindset is everything - it should be a priority in each person's day, each day. There are so many benefits when it comes to embracing a positive mindset, but unfortunately, it is much easier to see things negatively, so people settle for the easy route. I am hoping to change that and I figured that the first way to begin that journey is to write a post about it. Today, I want to share with you a few reasons why keeping a positive mindset is beneficial to you and also a few ways to work on your mindset.


Your Happiness
First of all, happiness depends on your mindset. You have the power to make or break each situation in your life. Even when it comes to the hard and challenging moments, you have the power to see the good in each situation which will definitely boost your happiness. I believe that a positive attitude truly awakens happiness. You do not have to have it all to be happy. When you adopt a positive mindset, you automatically become happier because happiness comes from within.

Your Health
Your health does not just mean physical health. Mental health is just as important, if not more so. Most of us do not prioritize that, however. What I will say is that they both go hand in hand: physical health affects mental health and mental health definitely affects physical health. Prioritize your mental health (part of which is positivity and happiness), and you will in turn be working on your physical health as well.


A study that was published in the Journal of Research in Personality, examined a group of 90 undergraduate students who were split into two groups. The first group wrote about an intensely positive experience each day for three consecutive days. The second group wrote about a control topic. Three months later, the students who wrote about positive experiences had better mood levels, fewer visits to the health center, and experienced fewer illnesses. Better health after just three days of writing about positive things? Count me in! While this is a dramatic case study, it shows the power in positive thinking - and writing. When you write, you are able to let our all your emotions. Even if you are writing about the negative, write them to "be done with it", and air our your laundry on paper. You should feel a lot better after doing so!

Have Fun
Many of us focus so much on work that we do not allow ourselves time to play, and I think that okay  is very important for keeping a positive mindset and prioritizing happiness. Are you having trouble with it because you are just too busy? Schedule that time into your calendar. We schedule all of the other important things like meeting, appointments, and more, so why not schedule time to play, as well, because it is important! When was the last time you blocked out an hour on your calendar just to do something fun - or relax (to me, that's fun, haha)? You can't tell me that being happy is less important that your Tuesday morning meeting, and yet, we act like it is because we never give it a time and space to live on our calendars. Letting loose and allowing yourself to have fun and relax will definitely help you focus on happiness and a positive mindset,

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