DESTIN, FLORIDA - What to do & Where to eat!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Destin, Florida is my absolute favorite place to vacation. I was lucky enough to spend two weeks here for summer vacation and I never wanted to leave. The Gulf Coast is stunning and I love the vibe and atmosphere of this town. I always love to document the places we eat and things we do for fun! So this year I wanted to make a post to give you some ideas and recommendations for your next trip to Destin.


We ate so many yummy places this year! I am not a huge fan of seafood, which is what most of these local restaurants are known for. Although, I do love a good piece of blackened fish. We ended up eating two different seafood places, Angler's and Captain Dave's on the gulf. 

Captain Dave's

We ended up going to Captain Dave's on the gulf after reading some great reviews! Honestly, it ended up being my favorite meal on our trip. I ordered the blackened ma-hi ma-hi with their famous twice baked potato. The entree came with hushpuppies and a salad. The fish was the best I have ever had! Everything was amazing down to the salad dressing. I ate every bite of my food - we even contemplated going there twice on our trip! 
It was around $25 per person but worth every penny.
We even had a great view of the beach.


Angler's was good but it was one of our least favorite places. I ordered the blackened grouper with hushpuppies. It was good, but I personally don't believe it was worth the price. I think there are many better options out there! A plus side to eating there was that it was directly on the pier. We walked the pier after we ate and it was so nice!
This meal ended up being our most expensive, averaging about $30 per person + tip.
I would rate this one a 6/10.

Buffalo Jack's 

My fiance is a huge pizza and wings lover. While it's not usually my favorite, I am always up to try new places! We ended up absolutely loving this place. The customer service was fantastic and the boneless wings were the best I ever had. We loved it so much we went there twice!


If you love authentic mexican food, I recommend Pepito's. I ordered the fajita enchiladas and they were great! My fiance ordered the authentic steak tacos and he said they were some of the best ones he has had - which says a lot considering how much we love mexican food. The service was pretty good and there was no wait time. I would go there again!

Burrito Del Sol:

I was so excited to try this place because the pictures looked SO good. It didn't disappoint! It's a small local place in the heart of Destin that's perfect for lunch. I ordered the chicken tacos "chipotle style", and a side of guacamole. It came with chips and salsa as well. These tacos were AMAZING. Everything was super fresh and well seasoned. A new favorite of mine!


We go to Fudpuckers every year as a tradition. It's such a unique place and they have a lot of options on their menu. My fiance ordered a burger and he loved it! I ordered the popcorn shrimp with a side of mac n cheese and it was pretty good! I would say that this place is more known for the experience rather than the food, in my opinion. I think everyone should visit at least once!


If you are looking for a nice Italian dinner, Christiantino's was a great experience! It's a local "hole in the wall" restaurant with more up an upscale vibe. Overall, it was really good and I would go there again. If you go, get the fried ravioli as an appetizer!

Rockin' Tacos

One of our favorite places to eat at on this trip was Rockin Tacos. Can you tell I love tacos? It was so good that we ate there twice! Not only was the food amazing, we sat outside on the deck and had an amazing view of the ocean. The vibe of this place was right up our alley! They played great music, the customer service was great, and the jalapeno cheese dip was the best I have ever had. 
A great way to end our trip!


1. The SeaBlaster Sunset Dolphin Cruise
The sunset dolphin cruise is my favorite excursion in Destin. It was around $30 per person, and it's worth every penny! They give you unlimited drinks ranging from beer, wine, coke products, and water. They play amazing music and of course you get to see dolphins! Seeing the sunset on the water is the best part and it's something I look forward to every year. 

2. Visit Aly's Beach
We discovered this cute little town called Aly's beach. Everything in this town was picture perfect. It was like stepping into a movie! We walked around and took some photos, but there were so many yummy looking restaurants as well. Even if you don't shop or eat in town, grab your camera and get some awesome photos!

3. Visir Baytown Wharf
We stayed in the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort for the first half of our stay, and Baytown Wharf is a cute little town inside the Resort. Even though it's part of the resort, anyone can visit! There's so many cute shops and restaurants. It's all around just a fun place to hangout. We loved riding our bikes there to get snowcones! They also often have live music and fun activities for kids.

4. Visit the beach at sunset
I think we can all agree that the main thing to do in Florida is to visit the stunning white sand beaches. We spent most of our time at the beach, but some of our favorite times were when we visited at sunset! Nothing beats the sunsets here - they are truly incredible.